The outcomes of the consultations on the occasion of ten years since the adoption of the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

On this day, ten years ago, the UN General Assembly adopted the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, ratified by 172 UN member states.
In line with its mission to full implementation, in the office of the Centre are now held on the importance međunaronog first human rights treaty of the century, former applications, work ahead to korissteći this and other tools improve the implementation of human (civil) and social rights.

Consultation are pord Representative / Representative of the Centre attended the Provincial Ombudsman – Ombudsman, President of the Association for Cerebral and Infantile Paralysis “Sun” with his associate, secretary general of the Independent Association of Vojvodina novenara.

After the presentation of history in relation to adoption, the process of ratification of the Convention, the harmonization of national legislation with its provisions, President of the Centre presented the recommendations of the UN Committee to monitor sprvođenja Convention on the initial report of the Republic of Serbia on primemei the International Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities from 2012: http: / / with reference to the fact that the text of the draft new strategies to improve the situation of persons with disabilities of the Republic of Serbia is covered by most of the recommendations and the work ahead to ensure the conditions for the application. She said the latest amendments to the Criminal Law in the part relating to the length of the sentence of the criminal offense of rape of persons with disabilities, or the necessity of a much more intensive work on the full implementation of Article 12 relating to equality before the law and the established practice of withholding contractual capacity and 19 who refers to the parvo independent living and inclusion in the community, ka oi the necessity to change the approach to the assessment of working capacity because the work on the ground showed that the evaluation committee at the Pension Fund does not depart from the social approach that is itself estimates are often based on subjective conclusions and attitudes .

Pursuant to the recently held training initiatives for the rights of people with mental disabilities on recognizing violence against women with disabilities living in institutions, a significant part of the consultation was dedicated to the research that preceded the training, which show the dominant sexual violence (in addition to the physical and economic suffering people both sexes), enforced, or without the consent of contraception as part of therapy as a form of protection from sexual violence, not rarely strilizaciju after childbirth and during the surgical procedure without the consent of women and other administrative procedures that indicate intolerance, unequal and violent behavior is conditioned by the fact that women has a certain damage or reduce capacity.

The representative of the Provincial Ombudsman proposed a new meeting in order to establish cooperation in the part related to the improvement of regulations, implementation of international regulations, including the Convention, the response by the complaints jurisdiction of the institutions of the Provincial zaštitkika citizens. We exchanged information about the existence of the national mechanism for the prevention of torture, which is part of the Provincial Ombudsman.

The Secretary General of the Independent Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina presented the possibility that the Convention and its application to be one of the topics that will be next year journalists engage with research perspective and talk with people who have gone through certain situations, ka oi mkogućnost joint training and exchange of release of information and materials the subject of the situation of the disabled person who is natajao produced by the Centre.

The feeling of celebration like a birthday supplemented by information that the Alliance paraplegics and quadriplegics Serbia obelečava quarter of a century since its establishment. We take this opportunity to congratulate the jubilee colleagues with wishes for a successful future work together because we are all waiting for more work.

In Novi Sad, 13 December 2016.

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