Centre’s statement on the ocassion of European Independent Living Day

Today is the European Independent Living Day. Here are the basic historical information on IL concept and movement. Twenty nine years ago people from 50 European cities protested for implementation of the right on IL with personal assistance to those of us who need it. Today is the Council of Europe Day as well.

Ten years ago the Centre initiated PA service in Novi Sad. It is still in the pilot phase and financed through projects. The City of Novi Sad announced the change of its Decision on Social Protection through which the PA service will be recognized as a precondition and a tool for IL to those of us who need it following the state minimal standards.

On Monday, 7 May, the contract with the City Administration for Child and Social Protection will be signed for organizing annual PA service for 3 persons and 6-month service for 2 persons.

The City of Novi Sad actually approved annual service costs for 4 persons who need it 40 hours per week through the call for proposals of the line City administration and for 3 more for 6 months through the City Public Work, so at this moment 6 of us are using 40 hours assistance per week financed by the City.

The funding was announced for ten more users through the second call for proposals. We’re also expecting the results of the call for proposals for the public works of the National Employment Service.

The situation is incomparably better than in previous years since the formal conditions will be created for the service to be available to the citizens of Novi Sad but there is still a lot to be done both by the City and the movement and all stake holders should take full responsibility.

By the full implementation of the UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities Article 19, we will create states and local communities in which all people will have the opportunity to choose where, how and with whom to live and do their everyday and business activities. This is the only sustainable way of equalization of opportunities for all citizens:  //tbinternet.ohchr.org/_layouts/treatybodyexternal/Download.aspx?symbolno=CRPD/C/GC/5&Lang=en

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